Use the Power of Kindness and Gratitude to Improve your Life

You can achieve a lot with a little change. For others and even more for yourself.

It’s not about changing others though. The change has to happen within you, not in your partner, your kids, in anybody or in anything else. But in you.

Flower Photo Kindness Gratitude

I’d like to offer you a couple of keys which you can use to improve your life.

The Power of Kindness

Kindness is very powerful. Kindness always works. Kindness with yourself and others. It’s probably easier to start being kind with others as the effect is more obvious. If you are kind to others you are inevitably kind to yourself.

You might be annoyed by someone, or you are angry, or you don’t like what they do. Or you even hate them. Regardless, it doesn’t matter how you feel about the other, because your kindness is not a reflection of someone else’s character or action. It has nothing to do which is outside of you. You make kindness a label of you. Make being kind the foundation of your thoughts, your attitude and behaviour in life. Thus, your kindness reflects on your personality and not on the condition of or how you see somebody else.

You can always be kind there is no reason to find excuses. Being kind works like a miracle. You will feel it straight away.

Gratitude is Divine

Gratitude is another magic wand. Be grateful for what you have. Don’t envy others for what they have. You can find more than enough in your life to be grateful for. It is kind of an art to see that though and it takes a bit of practice. It is not so much about your latest gadget or your last vacation or your house or other such things.

It is about being thankful for circumstances or things in your life which you might consider as normal. Just as having a family, friends, or a job. Being grateful for the next morning, a meal, a flower you spot on your way to your workplace, a singing bird and so on. You get the point?

Keep in mind, what you get in your life is always what you need. Although it might look like the opposite sometimes. You might think, why is it me to have a particular experience which I don’t like? Why is this person bothering me?

But everything in your life has a meaning, every person fulfills a purpose in your life. Not everything is what you have wished for and maybe you missed the point in some (or in all?) of these cases? Everything and everybody creates a potential for you to show how good you are. Accept what life gives you and be grateful.


Kindness and gratitude have to come from your heart. You can’t cheat the universe, you can’t cheat God. Your true intentions will always show through your actions.

Don’t be scared to be different from what you have been before. That others will look at you with a weird expression on their face or even ask you, “is something wrong with you?” Nothing is wrong with changing to be kind and thankful. They will quickly realise. Keep on going. They will be truly impressed. Kindness and gratefulness are elements of love and nobody can resist love.

Inevitably, there will be situations you think you have failed; you might even conclude that’s too hard for you. Don’t worry, nothing is lost, start again straight away. Nobody is perfect. You will succeed.

Your life will change for the better. Because you changed.

What are you waiting for? Start now. Be thankful and be kind with those around you and others you are going to meet. Your change has the potential to change others.

Everybody is able to change. Get off the ground, it’s your life.


    Spiritual Counselling Juergen Arndt |