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Creation never presents you anything you can’t cope with.

I know this because change came into my life unexpectedly. I tried to resist, an unconscious and normal human reaction, but Creation didn’t choose the easy way for me. I got a full load of pain and hopelessness nicely built up over a number of years with a seemingly ‘no-happy-way-out’ finish. Frankly, I needed that much pain and misery to get ready for change because there was denial and a persistent immovability anchored deep inside me.

I have learned from study, and personal experience, that the harder it is – the more I can learn – the better I can cope, happier and more peaceful.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it is easy or the outcome is what you would expect. But the outcome is certainly in your best interest. The universe always acts in favour of you, and yes … you can find joy.

The process of giving up one’s belief systems and opening up to the Truth is called “awakening”, the spiritual awakening. It is a life changing, liberating experience. You feel the change in your heart first, much slower though it impacts on your ego. You won’t like to go back to where you came from. Awakening requires discipline, learning and persistence but the process also ignites your enthusiasm. You can’t stop wanting to know more. You will experience a so far unseen side of yourself and of all what is.

There are no coincidences in life, misery – in fact every perceived mishap or so-called pain – comes with a present in its hands. Signs from heaven to change one’s life. Thus, I began to realise that there is more to life than functioning and hiding behind one’s ‘approved’ beliefs. I acquired knowledge about Creation and a human’s true Being which became life supporting reality for me. I am still on this never ending journey which is commonly referred to as the journey from the ego to the heart. I find myself in a much more satisfying and rewarding flow of life now.

In 2002 I immigrated in New Zealand, coming from Germany. Apart from my personal journey, I have been studying for a long time and the learning will never come to an end. Since early days I have been sharing my experiences and applying my knowledge to help others.


There is a large amount of material, findings, and corresponding scientific research available to enlighten this subject. Some content is controversial, some quite complicated. I will guide you through the approach you find easiest for your understanding and personal growth.

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