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It’s about me … it’s about everyone.

There is more to life than functioning every day, being successful externally and applying one’s approved beliefs. You don’t have to live with that what you don’t like.



I lived an ordinary life with all its common ups and downs. I solved my problems as good as I could — yet often I was not happy with my decisions and the outcomes. It was not nice for myself and others. I argued, I wanted to be right, I didn’t really listen and had little understanding. I perceived the cause of any trouble in others and in my life circumstances. My happiness never lasted very long. I guess, I couldn’t truly love myself and others.

I was ready to accept my life. I held on to the image that everything was fine. I couldn’t make any changes, how could I? Also, I didn’t trust myself that I could live a different life — let alone have an idea of how to achieve that.

But finally I realised: if I wanted to live with less problems and better life decisions, I had to change.

Slowly I opened up. I became curious. I didn’t give up my old belief systems and behaviours straight away, yet I allowed new insights to pass into me. I wanted to know the truth. I asked myself, “Who am I?” and “What is the nature of our reality”? I opened my heart, which was very powerful.

I realised that universe had been guiding me all the time. Which is not easy to see. What I had perceived as problems were in fact challenges, invitations of universe, tailored to my life journey for my benefit. To learn from them. Life was my teacher.

Having understood that doesn’t necessarily mean life is easy or the outcome is always what you would expect. But the outcome is certainly in your best interest. Universe always organises around your success.

My new path was a life changing, liberating experience. You require discipline, learning and persistence but the process also ignites enthusiasm and a momentum, which supports you. Every step ahead makes you feel better.

I experienced a so far unknown side of myself and learned how everything in life is interrelated.

When you open up to the truth, miracles happen. The energy of the universe is love with its infinite power. Available to all of us.

It’s a journey from the ego to the heart, from fear to love, from resistance to acceptance. I find myself now in a much more satisfying and rewarding flow of life than ever before.



In 2002 I immigrated in New Zealand, coming from Germany. Apart from my personal journey, I have been studying for almost a decade now. Since early days I have been sharing my experiences and applying my knowledge to help others.



I use the term “universe” here synonymously with God, consciousness, awareness, existence, and other terms, which are used to refer to the single infinite indivisible whole of which everybody and everything is an expression of.

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