Use the Power of Kindness and Gratitude to Improve your Life

You can achieve a lot with a little change. For others and even more for yourself.

It’s not about changing others though. The change has to happen within you, not in your partner, your kids, in anybody or in anything else. But in you.

Flower Photo Kindness Gratitude

I’d like to offer you a couple of keys which you can use to improve your life.

The Power of Kindness

Kindness is very powerful. Kindness always works. Kindness with yourself and others. It’s probably easier to start being kind with others as the effect is more obvious. If you are kind to others you are inevitably kind to yourself.

You might be annoyed by someone, or you are angry, or you don’t like what they do. Or you even hate them. Regardless, it doesn’t matter how you feel about the other, because your kindness is not a reflection of someone else’s character or action. It has nothing to do which is outside of you. You make kindness a label of you. Make being kind the foundation of your thoughts, your attitude and behaviour in life. Thus, your kindness reflects on your personality and not on the condition of or how you see somebody else.

You can always be kind there is no reason to find excuses. Being kind works like a miracle. You will feel it straight away.

Gratitude is Divine

Gratitude is another magic wand. Be grateful for what you have. Don’t envy others for what they have. You can find more than enough in your life to be grateful for. It is kind of an art to see that though and it takes a bit of practice. It is not so much about your latest gadget or your last vacation or your house or other such things.

It is about being thankful for circumstances or things in your life which you might consider as normal. Just as having a family, friends, or a job. Being grateful for the next morning, a meal, a flower you spot on your way to your workplace, a singing bird and so on. You get the point?

Keep in mind, what you get in your life is always what you need. Although it might look like the opposite sometimes. You might think, why is it me to have a particular experience which I don’t like? Why is this person bothering me?

But everything in your life has a meaning, every person fulfills a purpose in your life. Not everything is what you have wished for and maybe you missed the point in some (or in all?) of these cases? Everything and everybody creates a potential for you to show how good you are. Accept what life gives you and be grateful.


Kindness and gratitude have to come from your heart. You can’t cheat the universe, you can’t cheat God. Your true intentions will always show through your actions.

Don’t be scared to be different from what you have been before. That others will look at you with a weird expression on their face or even ask you, “is something wrong with you?” Nothing is wrong with changing to be kind and thankful. They will quickly realise. Keep on going. They will be truly impressed. Kindness and gratefulness are elements of love and nobody can resist love.

Inevitably, there will be situations you think you have failed; you might even conclude that’s too hard for you. Don’t worry, nothing is lost, start again straight away. Nobody is perfect. You will succeed.

Your life will change for the better. Because you changed.

What are you waiting for? Start now. Be thankful and be kind with those around you and others you are going to meet. Your change has the potential to change others.

Everybody is able to change. Get off the ground, it’s your life.


    Spiritual Counselling Juergen Arndt |

Awakening of the Individual and the Collective

We are on long journeys. The individual and the collective. Our journeys stretch over multiple live times, probably covering eons of earthly time. With every life humans inevitably contribute to their personal as well as to the collective awakening.


However, there appears to be a discrepancy between humanity’s awakening and a visible effect on a social level. Society is in a condition which is worse than ever. We have merely survived the bloodiest century in human history epitomised by wars and actions of genocide at an inconceivable level. And what’s going on behind the scenes is not promising either. A system of total control is well underway and waiting to be born, in other words also known as One World Government.

Yet we do observe increasing levels of consciousness in an ever rising number of people.

A higher level of consciousness enables a deeper insight into the Self and existence overall. The emotion of love is dominant in life. The individual can cope in a better way with all kinds of situations in her/his life.

Mostly, individual development comes at a cost though. From my experience people hardly have the chance to make significant progress in their lives without a triggering event or the help of somebody else. I am talking about those who live in conformity with the given matrix and its belief systems and not contemplating any serious issues. It is often a journey into the dark, a personal tragedy which ignites –I’d like to say– a long overdue change in a human’s life. Triggering events which shake the foundations of a human’s life such as a separation, experiencing a serious illness or accident, becoming the victim of a crime, or losing a loved one, to name a few.

We find ourselves catapulted into a dark corner of our life. We can’t imagine it can get any worse. In fact, we slowly moved into our hopelessness without having done anything to prevent us from ending up there. Suffering, anger, judgement, shame, guilt, jealousy or pride – fear based feelings have been dominating us. These kind of feelings made us end up where we never wanted to go. Often it seems to be a human’s destiny, the natural course in a human’s life.

Then, with nowhere else to go, other options appear seemingly out of nothing.


I wonder whether the global community is going into a collective disaster the same way as an individual does. Driven from fear based traits which on a global level can be labelled as greed, deceit, merciless competition and exploitation (aka globalisation), mind programming (controlled mass media), arrogance and cold-bloodedness.

How far away are we from the darkest corner of our global society? When will we reach that point and how does it look like? Is it a limited number of humans living in total control with no individual rights, with a one world government, one world army, one world law, one world everything with your whole life scheduled from artificial insemination till its predetermined end? Obviously designed for the benefit of those behind the matrix.

But there is no need to make further assumptions. Just open your eyes. Increasing rates of illnesses such as cancer or epidemically spreading viruses, the deterioration of food quality, the proliferation of expensive “medicines” which don’t help, an ever increasing number of freedom crippling laws and rules, higher taxes, war and conflict zones all over the place. At the same time, promises of those visible in power to provide solutions – also known as lies. Overall, nothing for the better has been achieved.


On the other hand humans are intelligent. Apart from academic intelligence, they have emotional and social intelligence. Innate in every human. Humans are creative scientists and engineers. They explore our projected reality with great accuracy. They can find amazing solutions to problems which they (really) want to solve. And yet they fail so terribly on the human front.

A possible conclusion is that the ‘failure’ is not a failure at all but rather purpose by the powers the masses support. Otherwise, why are problem solving skills and emotional and social intelligence not applied on global problems?

As waiting appears to be supportive for a controlled catastrophic development we should remember who we are and what our purpose of life is here in space/time.


We all carry the divine in us. Every human represents a share of Creation, in other words, every human is an individualised part of Creation. As there is only (the one) Creation, we humans essentially are all ONE.


Do we want our society to end up in total darkness like so many individuals are doomed to find themselves in before they change their fate? Do we need the threshold of (further) catastrophic incidences to wake up on a global level?

I am convinced that the powers the masses support still have some insane cruelties up their sleeves. And they will play their cards. It will go further down the hill of our society at horrendous costs.

Admittedly, there is no divine obligation as such for the individual to support the collective awakening. Everybody has her/his own life purpose and thus their very own challenges to grow. A human’s purpose is to awake. All humans have that in common and thus humanity’s purpose is to awake. This is the divine plan.

If we don’t care about our society though, we likely will have to experience a far more compelling environment for individual and collective growth. Those who have experienced a compelling condition on a personal level know exactly what I am talking about; that feeling having no way out and everything has collapsed. On a global level the condition will likely be atrocities, starving, killing, psychological terror, and total control.


How long do you want to be part and contributor on the road into our collective disaster before the divine plan kicks in? Every day the power psychopaths get us one step further down.

Wasting precious life time in front of the (mind manipulating) TV, quickly adjusting to whatever is required and betray myself with statements like, “they will do”, “it’s not that bad after all”, thus supporting the given system – that is not my way.

If you agree, do change. Start with yourself. Depending on your starting position, it might not be easy. It requires persistence and effort. Take one step at a time. Open your eyes for the truth and true values which derive from living love. Live from your heart. Scrutinise your life, your beliefs and what you “have been fed with”. Live mindfully in the present. Start in your family, with friends and your neighbourhood and in your community, and act in a sharing, contributing and supporting manner. Be there for other Beings. Spread the truth at every opportunity. In these times of universal support (aka “The Shift”), many might only require a slight nudge to get them going. The global shift momentum will increase dramatically. The chances have never been better to achieve more for yourself and thus for all of us.

The world is waiting for you.

Take care


    Spiritual Counselling Juergen Arndt |