Depression and anxiety

Everybody experiences short-lived depression; they are part of human lives. However lasting manifestations and spreading into activities which we otherwise enjoyed require attention.

Reasons for depression and anxieties are for example, being too busy for too long, trying to reach unrealistic goals, ongoing stress, loss of a loved one, isolation, grief, a medical condition, side effects of medication, living in conflict, going through change, just to name a few.

Some indicators of depression and anxieties are pain and headaches, avoiding friends and one’s usual daily activities, difficulties to concentrate, sleeping problems, weight changes, feelings of despair and helplessness, and in worse cases thoughts about suicide.

Ultimately they are the results of our not living the life we love, and it happens to all of us at some time in our lives, maybe more than once. And most surprisingly of all depression and anxieties come even accompany your endeavour to create personal development for yourself.

If you have ideas of higher values and purpose in your life which you are struggling to fulfill you are leaving your comfort zone. At such a time side effects such as depression, anxieties and other internal and external conflicts arise within you.

At such a crucial time in your self-development it is very important to find out about the true origins of your psychoneuroses so you are supported as you progress, and you avoid turning to advisers or substances that may not serve you well in what is a natural and valuable part of your personal learning and growth.

Personal and Spiritual counselling will assist you identify practical changes in your life which you can cope with, and progress with.

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