The right counsellor for you

Who is the right counsellor for you? In short, you have to meet him or her.

You don’t have numerous criteria to choose from before you get in contact with your counsellor. You will thoroughly study their Website and get a first impression. Do their ideas and concepts resonate with you? Is there a charisma on their site which touches you?

You can call the counsellor and discuss a few things on the phone.

After all, it comes down to the first personal contact. After you have met the counsellor and discussed your issues you will have a good idea how you fit together. At the end of the first session your counsellor should discuss with you whether you feel comfortable with them.

If the chemistry is not right you won’t achieve your goals.

If you feel understood and in good hands you will soon experience progress.

A good counsellor accepts you as you are, doesn’t criticise or judge you, and helps you unconditionally.

Counselling and healing is built on mutual trust and acceptance.

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