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We unconsciously carry our problems into our relationships. We allow new problems to arise unobserved. When issues become obvious, we dismiss them, have no time, or go the easy way thinking, it’s ok. But it is not.

A stressful lifestyle and unrealistic ideas and expectations, as well as a common theme of separation contribute to ever increasing relationship issues.

Challenges in a relationship are no exceptions but the rule. They arise with every aspect of a relationship, such as money, sexuality, parenting, habits, pre-existing psychological issues, personality, and so forth. We also find them outside in relatives, social life, or work.


Counselling looks at the dynamics in your relationship. You can identify thoughts and behaviours which don’t support your relationship and can replace them with better ones. Confidence and trust grow. You can cope better in difficult times in the future.


Often couples experience an emotional, romantic love at the beginning of their relationship which they confuse with ‘true love’. For a lasting relationship however you need that very ‘true love’ which is a relationship supporting state of being and goes beyond the great feeling of love at the beginning. True love expresses itself in listening, understanding, respecting, giving, spending time together, affirmations, acts of service, touching, allowing for freedom, but mostly in the expression of its unconditional nature. True love also comprises to learn and allow for changes in oneself.

Anybody can endeavour to live true love. If you live unconditional love you won’t only make your relationship a paradise but your entire life.


On the other side, to hold on to a relationship where there is no chance for a happy future can turn out to be a futile and painful exercise. We have to accept that everybody and everything is subject to change. Love might have faded. Sometimes it is too late or it wasn’t the right thing from the beginning.


Either way, staying together or separate, a happy future is essentially based on a very good understanding of the decision you are going to make in the present. The deeper the insight the more peace you will find with your decision.

Finding the right solution without external help might not be easy. Because you are part of the problem. How you see your given situation is tinted by your experience and your expectations. Looking for external help may be an invaluable and wise decision.

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