Spiritual Counselling

What ails your ego? What is so deep inside you that you cannot express it?

You may not know what it is that disturbs you or how it came about, but you know it is stopping you from achieving what you want in life. It may even make you sick. You want to find out what will bring about the inner peace that will enable you to love yourself.

Whatever the immediate issue, Spiritual counselling will offer you insights to identify old beliefs and behaviours that may be dragging you down and blocking you from reaching your true potential.

Contemplation is a way to find out about oneself. You’ll see how much your thoughts and attitudes hold you back from what you want.

One negative thought impacts your well-being. So imagine the impact on your physical and mental health when you are storing a lifetime of worries and sadness. How are these thoughts shaping your presence and future?

Ask yourself – what would my life be like if I be able to replace these thoughts and feelings with ones that support and shape my destiny and create the person I deserve to be?

You have heard stories of people who have broken out of lives of misery and illness – they are not super-humans, they are people just like you who would not accept that they had to be confined to a life of worries and sickness.

It is a great gift that we can change our attitudes, beliefs, and habits. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s very hard to do. But getting started is the first step to finding the solutions within.

Through Spiritual counselling and guidance, you too can gather the tools and practices and learn how to use the concepts that will shed past behaviours and experiences and put you on the path to that you deserve.

Together we can set goals, or we can take a flexible approach.  It is your choice you can start or stop according to what serves you best.

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