Grief and loss

Grief originates in loss. A loss of a relationship, job, status, house, or the own health. Changes in life can cause grief. Or the death of a loved one. The intensity of grief can be overwhelming. Everything looks different, everything changes, even relationships or familiar activities feel strange. Nothing is as it was before. There is a black hole. You feel physical pain. Your motivation and energy seem to be lost.

Grief is a normal experience to loss.

But if grief doesn’t want to end, if you feel depressed and can’t do what you want to, – if you don’t know how to live a decent life again, I’ll give you an opportunity to talk. To talk about what moves you and what others might not truly understand.


There is a reason in your life for what had happened and a reason in your life to keep on going … and there are goals to achieve. Although it seems impossible at the moment, there is always a solution. Healing and happiness are ingredients of life.

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