There is no psychological cure to heal from alcoholism and no medication which does the job. Alcoholism can only be healed with Spiritualism.

Spiritualism helps to heal from other addictions too.


You feel like a powerless victim. Your addiction impacts on family life and relationships, you lose money, your self-respect, and health. It will only get worse. You give all your power to the drug.

Imagine how would it be to use your power to help yourself and live a decent life again?


How can spiritualism help? With a change of your awareness and raising your level of consciousness.

That is not as complicated as it may sound. To start with, it is true acceptance of what is. This profound insight has to come first and then it is, metaphorically spoken, to open up doors in a long hallway, which you have rejected to open until now. Behind every door wait opportunities, one of them is for you.


You know whether you are addicted. Only you can make the decision to change your life.

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