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How much does it cost your organisation when staff call in sick due to stress or private problems?·
What is the impact of disruptive staff on the workflow and on other employees?

The personal condition of employees often receives little or no attention. Many professionals struggle to cope with increasing pressures and aspects of workplace cultures that can have detrimental effects both personally and professionally.

How much do you lose when staff do not work to their full potential?

By nature an employee wants to give their best and engage with the business; unless they are affected by their attitudes and emotions, as well as personal challenges which will always have priority in their lives.  Challenges such as separation, serious illness, addiction, bereavement, stress, financial worries, and accidents.

Workplace counselling can improve your own and your staff’s well-being, and thus the overall health of your business.

I provide confidential counselling sessions to help both you and your employees deal with work and private challenges.

In a human’s life everything is interrelated and therefore impacts on their well-being. With my holistic approach I produce easy to understand pragmatic solutions. No lengthy talking and no off the shelf solutions.

My consultations are designed to effectively assist your staff, increase their well-being and attitude to work, and thus their performance. Your employees are the backbone of your business and you do not want to default to replacing them (at what cost?) without first looking to help them. When employees are happy they are more productive and give better service; better service increases customer loyalty and your customers will spread the word.

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