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Workplace counselling

It is human to experience ups and downs; in a workplace environment an employee’s condition affects the working atmosphere and organisational outcomes.

Workplace related issues might origin from operational processes or human interactions which then reflect on the individual or a whole team. They may exist hidden or out in the open and consequences reach from reduced productivity to higher levels of sickness absence.

The employer is responsible for the well-being of their employees.

Counselling will try to identify where the origins of issues can be found and how to best address them and then come up with respective proposals.


Employees appreciate confidential counselling sessions in which they can unburden their worries in a safe environment. The counselling takes pressure off managers and contributes to a caring employer reputation.

In general, within a reasonable amount of time an alleviation of distress is noticeable, more positive work attitudes, fewer accidents, and enhanced work performance.


Counselling introduced as a regular event for employees has a prophylactic effect. Prevention is better than cure.

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