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Consultations – ONLINE from anywhere on the globe or face-to-face in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Spiritual Counselling services will help you to master your challenges, utilise the self-healing abilities of your body and progress your life’s journey. You will live a happier and more fulfilled life.

I am here to help you.

Create your life as you want it, even when you think that it is impossible. When you are going through difficult times or you feel hopeless.

Spiritual counselling services can provide effective help for any mental or physical condition which troubles you or causes you suffering. It can guide you towards your goals in your life and help you understand your abilities and reach your potential. It is neither judgmental nor critical but provides you with unconditional support and practical advice that can help increase your well-being.

How can I help you?

Resolving your current problem Finding relief from your suffering Progressing your life’s journey

Assisting your self-healing Workplace counselling

My counselling is spiritual in a holistic sense. We look at your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social life as a whole – everything is interconnected.

For example, it is hard to be happy with your family when you have stress at work. It is not easy to have a good relationship when you don’t love yourself. You may find it hard to lose weight when your mind is not at rest. Your childhood and your past experiences impair on your current well-being and your ability to make good life decisions. You suffer from chronic illness which can be alleviated or even healed with a healthy mindset (happy people are healthier).

Spiritual counselling is the beginning of healing in every area of your life. Helping you understand how your thoughts, ideas, and habits prevent you from living a happy and fulfilling life. More than that it can give you a wider understanding of your purpose that will create the foundation for lasting improvements.

If you can’t come to see me in East Auckland we can use online communication such as Zoom or WhatsApp.

I am here for …

– One-to-one consultations

– Group sessions

– Life coaching

– Speaking engagements

What you thought and what you chose in the past is where you are now.

What you think and choose today is where you will be in your future.

                                                                                            –  Juergen Arndt

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