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Why Spiritual Counselling Services?

Spirituality gives me a deeper insight about a human’s reality and experiencing – in short “there is more to life”. It is similar with quantum reality, which gives a physicist a more fundamental understanding about reality.

This broader approach supports my clients’ healing, mentally and physically; it is mostly unknown in Mainstream psychology and counselling.

There is no need to discuss spiritual aspects in our sessions, if you don’t want, feel uncomfortable, or even reject it. For those who want to know about spirituality and its importance in healing, I will offer related insights and recommendations.

Either way, my mission is to help you to identify your true challenges and offer pragmatic solutions, which you can apply at your own pace. Your present life may change quickly and you’ll find yourself on a new path into your future.

I am convinced that healing can be done better than you may know or have experienced.

How can I help you?

Everything in life is interrelated – your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social life. For example, it is hard to be happy with your family when you have stress at work. It is not easy to have a good relationship when you don’t love yourself. You may find it hard to lose weight when your mind is not at rest.

Come open-minded with a desire to change; there are no prerequisites such as particular beliefs or life circumstances. My approach is practical, focused on your specific condition, and will help you step by step to change your life.

What can I do for you?

Most of our challenges originate in our past, particularly in our childhood. Things which happened or didn’t happen may impact on your current well-being and how you feel and act. Chronic illness can be alleviated or even healed with a healthy mindset.

I can help and guide you, for instance, if you experience challenges with yourself and others and your environment, face a particular challenging life situation, or suffer from stress, depression, anxieties, trauma, chronic illness, cancer, or other challenges.

Resolving your current problem Trauma healing - finding relief from suffering Progressing your life’s journey

Assisting your self-healing Workplace counselling

I endeavour to help you to live your life as you want it, even when you think that it is impossible. When you are going through difficult times or feel hopeless.

Spiritual counselling is the beginning of healing in every area of your life. Helping you understand how your thoughts, ideas, and habits prevent you from living a happy and fulfilling life. More than that it can give you a wider understanding of your purpose that will create the foundation for lasting improvements.

I am here for …

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– Group sessions

– Life coaching

– Speaking engagements

What you thought and what you chose in the past is where you are now.

What you think and choose today is where you will be in your future.

                                                                                            –  Juergen Arndt

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